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Mobile Accelerator

Traffic Accelerator for Mobile Data Networks

Project Description
The mobile Internet is now the undisputed next major evolution of the Internet. 3G user populations have grown rapidly in recent years and soon more users will be connected via mobile data networks than wired networks. Nevertheless the key Internet transport protocol - TCP, is still rooted in wired networks, and its performance is fast hitting a serious bottleneck in mobile networks - our experiments revealed that TCP can achieve merely one-third of the bandwidth available in today's 3G networks. This project develops a novel traffic accelerator to resolve TCP's performance bottleneck in mobile data networks. Building upon our research results the proposed traffic accelerator offers a practical solution that is compatible with existing operating systems and applications, and can be readily deployed in today's mobile data networks. Our preliminary feasibility study confirmed that the mobile accelerator can enable existing TCP traffics to reach the full bandwidth of the underlying mobile data networks, thus enabling mobile operators to instantly raise their network service quality to a new level. This will also pave the way to the emerging mobile technologies such as LTE and 4G which promises even higher bandwidth, strengthening Hong Kong's leading position as an information hub.

As of Sep 2012 we have successfully completed a full implementation of the mobile accelerator. Extensive experiments over multiple 3G and LTE mobile networks have demonstrated that (a) it can increase the throughput perfomance of TCP, and consequently all Internet applications that run atop TCP, by over 100%; and (b) it accelerate existing TCP flows so that it can utilize over 95% of the available mobile data bandwidth, as opposed to only 40% or lower in existing TCP implementations.

The mobile accelerator can be deployed by any ISP in a transparent manner. There is no need to modify or reconfigure the Internet servers or mobile devices. It is fully compatible with all existing Internet servers and mobile devices, and perform TCP protocol acceleration in a completely transparent manner. The only thing visible to the end users is the dramatically improved performance.

The technologies developed in this project are protected by multiple pending patents, and are open to licensing. Please contact the PI listed below for more details.

Project Funding
This project is funded by a grant from the Innovation and Technology Fund, Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSAR Government.

PI: Prof. Jack Lee
Co-I: Prof. W. C. Lau


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